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Friday, April 3, 2020

Easter Activities

How to Make Easter Special in Containment?

Being the Church in Containment has physical constraints. In our time of containment is time to be creative. Let's find ways to celebrate the New Birth found in Christ with our community.

Churches like ours have been using technology to gather in worship. We can us technology to enjoy the fun of Easter with our church and home family.

In Celebrating Christ's Resurrection, let's have some fun. To have fun, we have provided an at home Easter Activity Packet found at the link below. The packet has information and activities for children and adults. These activities include a coloring contest, a word find, baking a Bunny Cake, and making Easter Tomb cookies.

We encourage your family to participate, take photos and post them to Facebook and the like; spread the fun!

All seeking to participate in the contests are asked to email scanned copies or photos of your submissions to for judging.

We have the choice as to what we do with this time. How about choosing to make this time special?

Let's make this Easter positively unique in this unique time. 

Links Follow: 

  • Link to Easter Activity Packet found HERE
  • Link to Easter Tomb cookies recipe directions found HERE.

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